象印マホービン – Japanesque Hana + Kana Collection – ART WORK by NISHIOKA PENCIL, 2020



An elegant Japanesque design with the letters “あい (AI)” and floral patterns. The Kana letters “あい (AI)” means “love” in Japanese. The flowers that blossom where the letters “あい (AI)” connect symbolize Kizuna, or a bond between people that cannot be broken.


Plum blossoms have always been valued for their vitality and beauty as they bloom in winter. The (geometric) pattern of the background comes from the letter “久 (Ku)”, and is likened to the branch of the plum tree. “久 (Ku)” meaning “forever”, was selected in the hopes of unchanging bonds and longevity. It is also the origin of the Katakana “クKu (Ku)” and Hiragana “く (Ku)”.

“生活の中に、お気に入りのアートワークを取り込む。これは縄文時代の土器に文様があったように、人々が長らく続けてきた日々を豊かに楽しむための営みです。今回のアートワークもしかり。日本の文様には単なる意匠を超えた意味があります。また文字は単なる記号ではなく何かを伝えるための感情が常に宿っているもの。文字と文様を構築することで、ある種のリリシズムを作り出すことを試みたこのプロダクトが、欧州という新たな場所でたくさんの人々に愛でてもらえたらと思います。”  – 西岡ペンシル

Incorporating your favorite artwork into daily life; this has been practiced since the JOMON period, to enrich one’s quality of life. The artwork for these bottles aim to do the same. Japanese patterns mean more than just a design, and Japanese characters (kana) are not only a letter, but something that conveys emotion. By combining Japanese characters and patterns, I’ve tried to create a sort of lyricism in the products, and hope many people love our products, especially in areas with different cultures from ours.  – Nishioka Pencil


フランクフルト ambiente にて発表しました。 7. – 11. February 2020